3 Months 


Most breastfed babies at this age are nursing/formula every 3-4 hours; and if more active, can be every 1- 1 1/2 hours. They can still be considered on-demand feeders; but if you want to start implementing a schedule, you could talk to your pediatrician about how often your child should eat.



Their activity level and awareness might increase making it harder for them to wind down because they are excited about their new world. You can help them by having them do stimulating play right after they wake and then calmer things before nap and bed.  



At this age you might notice your baby starting to show more of a sleep cycle or staying up for longer periods and playing, if not that is normal as well. Now is when you can start to really focus on night and day and trying to have it light and bright during the day and dim/dark at night. Their Circadian Rhythm  is starting to develop and you can help establish a good routine by keeping to the schedule and getting plenty of daylight during the day. 



Breastfed 3 Month Old Baby
Wake Time: 1-1.5 hours


7:00 — Wake (*Fixed Point)
 8:00 — Feed
 8:30 — Nap (*Fixed Point)
 9:00 — Wake and Feed
 11:00 — Feed and Nap
 1:00 — Wake and Feed
 2:00 — Nap
 2:30 — Wake and Feed
 4:30 — Feed and Nap
 6:30 — Feed
 7:00 — Catnap
 9:00 — Feed and Bedtime (*Fixed Point)
 10:30 — Fill-Up Feed (
Fill-Up Feeds should always take place at Mom’s
 bedtime, so mom gets a long stretch of sleep; be sure to use breast
 compressions at bedtime and night feedings

+ 1-3 night feedings

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