Toddler & Beyond


At This age your little one should be eating solids and some will continue to breastfeed if that is your parenting choice. Make sure your child is getting lots of healthy choices for food and drinking plenty of water not just juice and milk. A trick I use sometimes is I buy the H20 flavor packets from melaleuca and add them to water and tell my son it is juice. He loves it and it switches it up. You can also talk to your pediatrican about supplemnt nurtritional drinks if you are afraid your child is not getting a blanced diet. I also recommend starting vitamins around age 2 to make sure their body is getting what it needs.



Between the ages of 12 months - 2 years there will be some majior develpmental changes. They will really start to explore their body and what it is capable of doing. To Learn more visit:



In most cases your child is now down to one nap. IF they are not taking a nap I still strongly suggest you have then do a "rest time". This allows them some alone time to quiet the mind and body. If they won't lay in a bed maybe just have them quietly read book or play in their room alone for an hour. It also helps parents get a little sanity break from the day. If you are noticing lots of extra tempertantrums it could be due to overtired, so keep that in mind when you don't think they need a nap.


Handeling Tantrums:

My son had Sensory Processing Disorder so we were very common with some pretty majior outburst of emotions. At first I did not know how to handle them until I teamed up with "Hand in Hand parenting". They offer a very supportive and loving approach that will help you and your child's bond only grow stronger.

Triggers to help avoid outburst:

  • Give children choices that you agree with. Example would you like an apple or an arange instead of what do you want to eat. This helps them feel empowered like they have a say.

  • Make sure they are getting proper sleep and food. If they are more like my son they might need snacks throughout the day eating about every 1-1.5 to keep them energized.

  • Keep stimulation to a minimum if they are tired or seem extra sensitive that day.

  • Schedule special one on one time with them every day even if it is just 5 minutes and stick to it. Make sure all electronics are off and they get to pick what you do even if it is something you might not totally agree with like jumping on the couch.

  • Rough-house (wrestling on the floor, pillow fight etc.) I know it seems silly but it is a great way to release energy and connect. It also helps children learn how to set boundries and use their words.

  • Giving plenty of warning and communication. For example you have 10 minutes before bed if they are older or we are going to read 5 books then it is bed time.

  • Talk to them and let them know what you expect. For example, it is only ok to jump on the couch during our special time or it is not ok to drow trucks because it will hurt someone or break something. We have to remember as parents they are in the experimenting stage and learning what things can do and what boundaries are. They ulimately want to please us they just sometimes don't know how or they are simply trying to get your attention. If they are doing something you don't want calmly go over and get down to their level, touch them gently and explain why you don't want them to do what they did.

Wake Time:

12-18 months (2 naps) - 3-4 hours

12-18 months (1 nap) - 4.5 - 6 hours

18-24 months(1 nap) - 5-6

2 years (1 nap) 5.5 - 7

3-4 years (1 nap) - 6.-8


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