Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy?

  • I was trained to address the whole body. I believe that babies know how to sleep but through time, habits and environmental factors start to interfere. It is my job to help you find those disturbances and resolve or remove them so your child can once again find sleep. I often go back as far as pregnancy and birth to have a full picture of when things started. I look at the child's emotional, physical and mental health and help educate parents on how to better connect and understand the queues their child is giving them. I do not believe there is one approach for every child. If there are issues I run across that I am not trained in, I will make sure to connect you with someone who can better assist you.  

Do you encourage "CIO"?

  • No, I do not endorse the "CIO" where a child is left alone for long periods of time. This does not encourage a secure attachment and is unsafe for your little one. With that said every child is different and some hardly cry at all and others need the release to allow their body to relax. Crying is merely a way for babies to communicate their current emotion and that is a healthy response we want to nurture. It is also a way to reset the nervous system and self regulate. There are many ways to approach sleep coaching and I am sure there is a program that works for your family that allows you to work with your child however you feel comfortable. I also am always considering and observing the child's well-being and will only allow what is safe for them.

How do you know what is good for my child's well-being?

  • I am a certified infant mental health and wellness educator. I was trained to assess and refer children who shows signs of: emotional, mental or physical abuse and make sure they get proper treatment. I am not a doctor but have a lot of knowledge on what children can and cannot handle, and how it affects their brain and overall development.

What ages can you work with?

  • I work with pregnancy and beyond. I really encourage pregnant women to get educated and prepared before birth because it is never too early to start setting up healthy foundations and routines. It will make for a lot less tears and sleepless nights. I help support them through pregnancy with their own sleep and set them up with a plan for their new arrival, and because they have worked with me they get support for life. Remember it is never too early or too late to help your child get the sleep their body needs.

Can I continue to co-sleep?

  • Yes, I am a strong believer in the powers of co-sleeping if done safely. I co-slept with all 3 of my children and have read many articles and worked with many parents who also understand the healing powers of it. I do understand it is not for everyone and respect that as well. If you wish to continue to have the family bed we can still work together and have success in getting everyone a safe and good night sleep.

Why would I need a sleep consultant?

  • There are many books and resources out there that you can implement yourself and can succeed. These often are many of the resources I use as well. For those of you who don't have the time or energy to sort through the thousands of books and quick fixes, that is where I come in. I am also here to give you moral/emotional support and answer the millions of questions that tend to come up along the way. Think of it like a fitness coach. Some people's personalities are such they can motivate and get success without help and others need someone to hold us accountable and committed to our task and to make sure we are not doing the right exercises to burn the most calories the fastest way possible.

What does a typical consultation look like?

  1. I email you a questionnaire to help me get a good knowledge of your child, family and goals to assist me in putting together your personalized plan. I will not work with anyone who is not ready for the sake of the child's well-being. Without a commitment you will not get the results you are looking for and only confuse your child more. 

  2. I will then put together a sleep plan that you will look over. We will discuss and make changes as needed. You will be asked to sign a liability form before we move forward.

  3. We will communicate daily or as often as necessary. 

  4. After this you will have the tools needed to handle any future sleep hiccups; and if not I will be available for questions and answers as necessary.

After working with you will my child always sleep better?

  • I use the words "sleep better" instead of sleep through the night because I work with all ages and some are too young. Depending on age and situation you may never need my services again; but in most cases your child will have sleep regressions and disturbances that will make you have to re-implement your training. My philosophy is to educate you and give you the tools to fix your current sleep issues but know how to put them back on track when life gets in the way.  

What is the cost of your sleep training program?

  • My services are free but Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated. I ask all clients to wait until we are finished and pay what they can afford and feel my services are worth. 


"Helping families sleep better and live healthier"

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