Sleep Consulting for the Whole Family

My goal is to help as many families as I possibly can. I know many of you
cannot afford the help and I don't want that to deter you from getting the
sleep you and your little ones need.
I am offering sleep consulting for pregnant mothers and any child from birth
on up to adolescent. 
Donation only.
Donations should be based upon the value of my services and what you can afford. I am a stay at home mom and understand how important sleep is and sometimes money is not always there.
I offer anything from texting a couple questions to holding your hand through the whole process.
What to expect for the whole process
  1. First week we will get some background information by emailing you a questionnaire. Once I have this information, I will put together a personalized sleep plan that respects your parenting style. 
  2. We will then connect to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the approach I have put together.
  3. Then we begin to implement this plan during which we will have consistent communication (phone, email or text). 
  4. After you are satisfied with how your child is sleeping I will available for any questions and concerns that come up. 
Every situation is very different and could require more or less attention and time.
I also need to remind you I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, cure or treat
any sleep disorders or health problems. I will ask you to sign a liability release form stating you are aware of this. If I feel there is something that is outside of
my ability, I will help you find the necessary contact.
Click Here to contact and set up your consultation
Questions and Answers
Terms & Policies

"Helping families sleep better and live healthier"

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